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iBS igm beveling system - Automatic measurement of sheet thickness

igm sheet thickness

A high accurate preparation of the welding groove requires a constant land height respectively a constant joint volume. This can only be achieved by an exact guiding of the cutting torch along the contour jointly with the detection of the respective sheet metal thickness. The igm bevelling system iBS can be equipped with an automatic thickness gauging device.

An ultrasonic thickness gauge transducer is provided to measure the thickness of the sheet metal. The device consists of the following units:

  • thickness gauge transducer
  • spray nozzle
  • thickness gauge
  • measuring slide

The procedure is fully automatic: the transducer is positioned over the foreseen measurement point by means of the linear axes of the iBS (x, y). The measuring slide lowers the transducer (z) and stops shortly over the surface of the work piece. A water spray nozzle assures the contact between transducer and surface by using water as a contact fluid.

Subsequently the slide lowers the transducer until it safely touches the surface, controlled by a torque monitor. The signal is handed over to the machine controller (K5) and the slide lifts to its parking position.

The gauging procedure can be done in 2 different ways:

  • Metering on 3 positions of the work piece, calculation of the average value and application of the result for the entire part.
  • Metering on freely definable positions, on every single section of the contour, the single metering results are interpolated between the respective metering points.

The evaluation takes place in 2 modes:

  • Land height constant: the orientation and trajectory of the cutting torch is adopted in that way, that the land is kept constant regardless of the sheet thickness.
  • Volume constant: the groove geometry is controlled in that way, that the welding groove volume is kept constant regardless of the sheet thickness.

Technical data ultrasonic thickness gauge transducer:

  • Frequency: 5 MHz
  • Element: 11mm
  • Thickness range: 1 to 500mm
  • Temperature range: -20 to 500°C

Ultrasonic thickness gauge:

  • VGA colour display, refection-free
  • A-scan display
  • THRU-COAT and Echo-to-Echo measurements on painted and coated surfaces
  • B-scan display, time dependent
  • Correction of temperature
  • Differential modes: alarm, set point, MIN/MAX, average/-MIN-mode
  • Protection class IP67
  • Data logging integrated
  • Internal and external MicroSD memory card storage


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