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Kick-off for the pilot factory of the TU Wien (Technical University of Vienna) in Seestadt Aspern (Vienna).

Kick-off for the pilot factory of the TU Wien (Technical University of Vienna) in Seestadt Aspern (Vienna).

The manufacturing of industrial goods will be much more complex and cross-linked in the future. To lay a foundation for innovation and technology for the economy as well as to provide a possibility for educational purposes to adjust on the steadily proceeding digitalization of the industry, the TU Wien developed with the “bmvit” (Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology) and support from the city of Vienna the pilot factory at the Seestadt Aspern (Vienna).

With that project, Austrian companies should be able to adjust on the future of industrial manufacturing as well as students should be given an access to industrial infrastructure of the real working world with its steadily increasing product- and process complexity. On October 19th, 2017, the pilot fabric organized the first “Open Lab Day” which simultaneously was the kick-off for the demo production.

The consistent digitalization and cross-linking of machine tools, robots and products via internet – short Industry 4.0 – will be put into practice and steadily further developed within the pilot fabric of the TU Wien. And igm Robotersysteme AG is involved in the realization as project partner!

The igm robot cell as a part of the automatic production is welding 3D printer housings and bicycle frames for now. The production consists of an automatic part measurement, a CNC milling machine for subtractive manufacturing and our igm robot for additive manufacturing. The last step is the work piece encoding. For the work piece handling there is implemented an adaptive logic system with an automatic guided transport unit as well as a handling robot.

The igm robot system is realized as a RTE 496-S with a work radius of 1,900 mm, mounted in upright position on a base. The work piece periphery is a rotary-tilting table RP2/300Di with a 500mm diameter of the faceplate and a maximum workload of 300kg.





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