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igm - Welding robots made in Austria.

  • igm robots at Stilfer Srl Italy [en/]

    The Company Stilfer is one of our longstanding customers, who are trusting completely on igm robotic systems in terms of automatically welding. Fifteen robot cells are filling the productions halls of the manufacturer of diverse industrial machines from the building sector to the earth-moving sector. Especially lifting- and hydraulic equipment up to 12 meters in length and 6000 kg are processed by our robots.

    igm’s latest technologies in welding automation contribute to guarantee high quality standards and flexible and fast handling of orders for the specialist for medium and heavy metal working.

  • [image:igm_Machtech_booth layout] [en/newsshow-exhibition-preview-mach-tech-industry-days-budapest-09.-12.-may-2017]Exhibition preview MACH-TECH & INDUSTRY DAYS Budapest - 09.-12. May 2017 [en/newsshow-exhibition-preview-mach-tech-industry-days-budapest-09.-12.-may-2017]

    On 9th of May the exhibition MACH-TECH & INDUSTRY DAYS takes place in Budapest with the main theme Industry 4.0. We are going to be represented with our own booth and present our products and services!

    read more [en/newsshow-exhibition-preview-mach-tech-industry-days-budapest-09.-12.-may-2017]
  • [image:igm_Social-Media]igm Social Media News [en/]

    Besides the video channels on YouTube and Google+ an official Facebook site has been created. On these platforms frequent news and videos of products and projects as well as exhibition dates will be posted. Furthermore, igm is represented on the recruiting websites LinkedIn and Xing. Follow us, get informed of our igm products and be up to date!

    [image:Facebook-64px] [https://www.facebook.com/igmRobotersystemeAG]  [image:LinkedIn-64px] [https://www.linkedin.com/company/8819981]  [image:XING-64px] [https://www.xing.com/companies/igmrobotersystemeag]  [image:YouTube-64px] [https://www.youtube.com/user/igmAustria]  [image:Google-64px] [https://plus.google.com/+IGMRobotersystemeAG_Austria]

  • [image:igm torch exchange system] [en/newsshow-igm-torch-exchange-system-bws]igm torch exchange system (BWS) [en/newsshow-igm-torch-exchange-system-bws]

    With the automatically torch exchange system (BWS) it is possible to use several torch bodies within one program cycle. Various shapes of the torch bodies and wire characteristics gives the ability to adapt on different welding joints.

    read more [en/newsshow-igm-torch-exchange-system-bws]
  • [image:igm_offline features] [en/newsshow-the-igm-icam-enables-vision-to-robots]The igm iCAM enables vision to Robots! [en/newsshow-the-igm-icam-enables-vision-to-robots]

    The efficient and compact camera allows to track welding seams as well as to measure the gaps and area in order to adapt the welding process on the changing conditions.

    read more [en/newsshow-the-igm-icam-enables-vision-to-robots]
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