Cranes with igm welding robots

More than a dozen different large components for slewing tower cranes, for example slewing platforms or undercarriages for fast-erecting cranes, slewing gear bearings, or slewing ring supports for slewing platforms can be welded by igm welding robots.

System examples:

With their floor track mounted lifting columns, their rotating cantilever arms, and the axes of the manipulator, the system for slewing gear bearings have a total of over twelve axes and thus the highest possible level of mobility. All axes work with simultaneous movements, so that the robot can even weld very complex parts in the flat position.

Large components - such as slewing platforms for slewing tower cranes and fast-erecting cranes - have a width of up to 2.5 m and a length of up to six meters. The manipulator used is one of the largest ever built. Its 3.5 m rotating arm pivots workpieces weighing ten tons. An integrated hoist lifts and lowers the rotating arm by two meters. Finally, the faceplate is used to achieve the degrees of freedom needed for welding on all sides.

igm dual robot systems weld the trusses of slewing tower cranes. In the centrally located headstock manipulator, workpieces up to 12 m in length are held in a rotating manner, while robots move laterally on floor tracks. Synchronization between the two robot controllers ensures strict compliance with the welding sequence.

Examples for endproducts: Steel trusses for tower cranes, revolving stages, truck crane moving legs and main frames and crawler crane lattice jibs

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