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50 years igm Robotersysteme AG

50 years igm Robotersysteme AG

50 years ago, in 1967, igm was founded as a trading house for welding products. In the middle seventies, the first robot usable for industrial arc welding had been developed and igm was awarded with the Austrian “Staatswappen” (“National Coat of Arms”).

Today igm consists of subsidiaries and partner companies in more than 20 countries on five continents. Over 700 employees in sales- and production facilities are constantly taking care of development, sales and maintenance of customized welding robot systems. From the single robot systems to complex FMS assembly lines more than 4000 sold plants are forming a solid customer base and lead to a turnover of almost 45 million Euro in the financial year 2016.

Milestones of igm Robotersysteme AG are the development of the first articulated robot (RT280) in 1983 as well as the new robot generation RTi with the PC-based control “K5” in 2000. In the year 2008, the laser camera system iCAM was launched and in 2011 the development of the revolutionary modular robot series RTi400 followed.

Today igm ensures a local service in every subsidiary and partner company as well as spare part supply within 24 hours to every customer around the globe. The service sector is constantly extended by especially trained application engineers and includes inter alia support of customers with welding-related programming and offline programming of products and specific application tasks. Offering single robot systems up to complex FMS lines as well as pick-and-place machines, the portfolio of igm is completed and covers the whole spectrum of robotic systems.

Nevertheless, igm does not repose on the achievements of the past 50 years, but pushes steady new developments. Especially the igm- offline-programming system with modular software packages is going to be further developed in the future to minimize the programming effort for a more timesaving process.

In addition, the stabilization of the market presence between North and South America will be urged and new market opportunities like Mexico and possibly the Middle East will be investigated.


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