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igm robots are welding beams in single-part production

igm structural beam

A robot based welding of structural beams in single-part production requires a simple, effective and flexible programming technique. The analysis of the piece parts shows, that the part components like stiffeners and flanges are basically similar and can be reduced to common base elements. Those elements differ in their main dimensions. This analysis leads to a parametric robot programming, which igm realized with its iPAT igm Program Assembly Tool.

The igm robot installation delivered comprises two large-scale gantries with a rail gauge of 10 m and a carriage way of 30 m. Each of the welding gantries is equipped with an igm welding robot RTi 330, mounted to a vertical slide with 1.5 m stroke in suspended position. An igm Laser camera iCAM recognizes the cross section of the welding groove and controls the process parameters mainly with multi-layer welding.

The base programs (templates, macros) are stored in a library in the robot controller. The position and the dimension of the component to be welded are detected by mouse click on the screen of the igm offline programming system. The values obtained modify the base programs automatically by means of parameter lists. Thus the macro of the library is easily adjusted to weld e. g. a stiffener by modification of length and height.

The macros adjusted are combined to complete robot step programs at the igm offline programming station. All jog steps are planned automatically by the igm robot software. In the case, that several work pieces shall be welded in one robot station, the single step programs are collected in a container program. All programs for the respective working station are included in that container program, which is started directly on the robot system with the igm operating panel. A three-shift production without an operator’s presence is feasible.

Video "igm - welding of structural beams"


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