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igm - smart robotic fabrication

igm_smart robotic fabrication

Doppelmayr have been utilizing igm robots for ropeway construction since many years. Due to reconstruction of the production hall the manufacturing system for the automatic welding of transport frames had to be reconsidered. Focus was set on simplifying the construction, reduction of manpower and the cycle time as well as increasing the fabrication quality.

The previous robot cell was set up only for the automatically welding process. Assembling, tacking and feeding was done manually. These manufacturing steps were replaced by a fully automatic industry 4.0 ready overall solution consisting of one handling- and two welding robots. To reduce the cycle time and the quality of the end product a re-design of the transport frames as well as the reduction of the variation of frame types had to be done. The changes led to fewer component parts and simpler more continuous welding seams (less start/stop-points) as well as shorter search drives.

With the smart robotic fabrication, it is possible to manufacture five different frame types. To handle the different geometries of the various components a fully automatically gripper exchange system is realised which allows the application of five different gripper types.

Following the welding stages, an automatically measuring stage is integrated for quality control where each part is controlled on its given tolerance range. Finally welding spatters are removed and the complete part is palletised at a transition stage.

Within this project, a semi-automatic manufacturing process has been turned into a fully automated process which is completely programmable offline. Doppelmayr’s production rate has risen up to 2500 transport frames per year. The reduction of manpower values with two hours per part which leads to an overall reduction of 5000 hours per year.


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