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igm Robotersysteme AG successfully exceeded the targets for both turnover and profits for the year 2015 and was also able to realise further projects with milestones in automation technology.

This success is based on the one hand on the introduction of the new robot series RTx 400, of which more than 250 welding robot systems are already in use worldwide, and on the other on the new control generation K6. To date more than 50 robot systems with K6 have been sold, and more than half of these systems have already been delivered and handed over to production.

Thanks to its modular construction system for all robot and peripheral components developed over the years, igm is optimally positioned for any customer requirement.

Given that approximately 70% of all projects in the last year were managed in Europe, Europe continues to be the absolute core market for igm. A large number of new clients were acquired in Eastern Europe, especially in Hungary and Romania; in Russia, however, no feasible projects are foreseen due to the existing sanctions and the general economic situation.

As in previous years, China remains the largest single market. The general business momentum in Asia declined slightly primarily due to the economic situation in India, where a marked reluctance to invest currently prevails. Nevertheless, the budget for 2015 was exceeded at igm Robotersysteme AG and the forecast for the year 2016 should enable a further increase of 5-10% due to the current backlogs of machinery and equipment.

The demand for complex systems, such as Pick & Place robotic systems as well as FMS production lines combined with higher welding speeds and different welding processes, is growing from year to year. igm Robotersysteme AG has already successfully completed several projects worldwide in this area and has successfully undertaken many sophisticated, complex assignments with tailored solutions also in 2015.

We would like to thank all our existing and prospective clients for the confidence they have placed in us and wish everyone happy holidays and a good start to the new year 2016!


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