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iView has been developed by igm for visualisation of a welding robot system.

iView contains all necessary manuals for handling/ maintenance/ service of the installation, whereby the complete robot system is displayed as a 3D model on a monitor.

Several statistics as operating hours, arc and program time or the number of welded workpieces are protocolled. Further on an overview of all hardware inputs and outputs of iRIO and their actual value are available, which can be used for error analyzation. An overview of all robot stations and the actual status regarding program time/ remaining program time as well as report of the actual program are available.

iView contains checklists for service intervals as lubrication schedules of the various components as well as change of wear parts, whereby the necessary intervals are adjusted within setting into operation of the installation. In case of overrun of the interval time an instruction is noted on the iView. After execution of the instruction the message can be quitted and the interval is reset to 0.

An overview of the available safety equipment is displayed, whereby a message is available if a safety component has been released or not (also valid for the emergency stop key)

iView is configured system-depending within setting into operation of the installation. Available standard functions remain unchanged. The complete visualisation can also be opened on PC, mobile phone or tablet. It is only necessary that both tools are in the same network and a browser has to be available. The same data are listed as at the iView.


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