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RAAL sets up its production hall with igm Robots!


RAAL is a manufacturer of heat exchangers, single or mounted on complete cooling systems and uses igm’s robotic welding for aluminium heat exchangers and air dryers.

The applications of the heat exchangers are very diverse, from agriculture, forestry, construction, mining, railways, commercial vehicles to automotive with internal combustion engines, hybrid or full electric, and industrial applications. Due to the large diversity of the heat exchangers, dimensional and constructively, the welding robots must respect the specific demand for each type of heat exchanger.

Together with RAAL, igm implemented the automatic welding of heat exchanger systems in robot cells with a high degree of adaptability fulfilling the Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) of each heat exchanger.

There are two main objectives for this project:

  1. The robotic welding cell should have an “arc on”-time of minimum 80% from the total cycle time over one shift.
  2. The welded work pieces has to pass the leaking test and respect the WPS of the heat exchanger.

All systems were delivered as turnkey solutions and are equipped with Fronius CMT welding process and the igm iCAM-Laser camera in order to bridge casting tolerances and guarantee an optical perfect seam with stable penetration and constant quality. As all systems are working to capacity, all welding programs are prepared on offline stations in order to minimize the necessary adoption on the machine.

Rotary modules on each manipulator contribute to the elimination of the idle time during the work piece exchange, modification and preparation of the clamping device.

It emerges from the data analyses, that one welding cell can work as fast as three manual welders. Due to the high capability of the production, the work piece preparation and final works after robotic welding had to be adjusted in order to achieve the systems to be 80% at arc on.

For the future there is planned more to come. New welding solutions and a duplication of the production by two more welding cells with two robots each are planned and already contracted.


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