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Review of the 21st Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair


The China's largest welding fair held in Beijing Exhibition Center on 14-17 Jun, 2016. Together with other famous exhibitors, igm exhibited the latest technology and products such as premier of igm new K6 series robot configured with latest 8-axis and an igm handling robot with the function of grinding and assembly was exhibited at this fair also.

Benefit from the quick exchange system, the handing robot can grab different tools to realize the corresponding functions, equipped with the grinding tool, it can be used for robotic grinding of welding seams. Also with the intelligent grippers it can pick-up different work pieces fast, reliably and consistently. What worth mentioned is that the grinding tool contain active compliant force control sensor, it makes the grinding highly accurate and smooth.

igm tacking-welding robot equipped with iCAM suits for seams with different gap and with 8-axis it can weld complex workpiece easily.

During the exhibition, thousands of visitors are attracted and amazed by igm robot not only professional welding technical but also innovation and extension ability such as new grinding and assembly function.

By showing new technology and professional service, igm wins good evaluation in this exhibition. We are ready for the industrial 4.0 and looking forward to make greater contributions for China's industrial development!


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