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Robot cuts welding time by forty percent


Several years ago, Neuweiler AG installed the largest welding robot system in Switzerland. It very quickly proved its performance capability so compellingly that a second igm robotic system was put into operation on the factory floor just three years later. The company, located near Lake Constance, in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, specializes in large, technically sophisticated custom products, often in small quantities, which is no problem for the two welding robots. Since they are so easy to program, they meet all of the requirements for high cost efficiency, even with a lot size of one.

Welding a complete rail car bogie in a single clamping

Seven years ago, when Neuweiler AG opted for a type RT 330 S welding robot from igm, they were specifically planning to perform automated welding on large-format workpieces. The robot works synchronously with an RWM 2 10,000 RCi L-shaped manipulator and an RFP 10,000A 1 counter bearing. Each has a load capacity of ten metric tons, so together they can manipulate heavy workpieces of up to 20 tons. The robot system is also equipped with a high-speed RWM 2 1,000 RCi L-shaped manipulator for small parts. A pit in the machine foundation makes it possible to manoeuvre even very awkwardly dimensioned workpieces without the need for a lift mechanism. According to CEO Christian Neuweiler, this is the largest welding robot system in Switzerland. Based on current information, it may be the only one in all of Europe thus far to weld complete bogie frames for railway locomotives in a single clamping.

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