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Second Information Day at igm Robotersysteme GmbH in Kornwestheim (DE)

Second Information Day at igm Robotersysteme GmbH in Kornwestheim (DE)

On 18th May 2017 the second Information Day took place in the premises of the igm Roboterysteme GmbH in Kornwestheim Germany.

Occasion was the introduction of the following technical innovations:

  • Demonstration of the new torch exchange system BWS on the welding robot RTE 477-S with the newest K6 control system
  • Program demonstration in the training center on the K6 training robot Type RTE 476-S
  • iView: usable spectrum of a system developed by igm which visualizes a welding robot
  • igm iCAM allows the robot to see: iCAM offline allows now to program the camera in offline mode
  • Introduction of the new Fronius welding equipment TPS600i
  • Explanation and demonstration of the new control system

On four stations we presented these innovations to our customers. Every station was managed by an employee of igm Kornwestheim or by colleagues from Vienna who kindly supported with their expert knowledge.

Afterwards the visitors had the chance to ask their questions directly to our experts. This possibility was used intensely and led to interesting and motivated discussions which were resumed later while enjoying finger food and cold drinks.

Thanks again to all visitors and we are looking forward to see you again soon!


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