Tube node welding system at Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables GmbH

Salzgitter Mannesmann AG is a broad-based steel and technology corporation.

As part of the Salzgitter Mannesmann Group, Salzgitter Mannesmann Renewables GmbH specifically coordinates the activities of the Group's own steel producers, pipe and profile manufacturers, as well as the Group's own research institute in the field of offshore wind, in particular in the manufacturing of preliminary products for jacket construction.

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Application report – Volvo Terex Construction Equipment in Motherwell Scotland

The VCEHL facility based in Motherwell, Scotland was established in 1950. Here the team of experts design, develop, manufacture and fully support two ranges of haulers: Terex Trucks articulated haulers and Volvo rigid haulers.

The igm robot system has been purchased for the welding of the Volvo R100 rigid hauler body with frame along with the Terex Trucks articulated TA300 and TA400 bodies. The R100 hauler model has a loading capacity up to 55 m³ and a maximum of 90.7 tons payload. So, the operating weight differs from 67.5 to 158.2 tons.

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Customer Reference Hungary – SBS Kft.

SBS Kft. is a Hungarian private company and produces various steel components for leading international manufacturers of agricultural, construction and earthmoving machines.

SBS Kft. welds assemblies for the production of underframes, brackets and other steel components. Several igm robot systems for automated production of parts are installed in the production halls in Erdőtelek:

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igm 25 ton rotary tilting turn table - the powerful manipulator for large parts

At the beginning of February 2021, igm Robotersysteme AG delivered a unique robot system, the special feature about this system is the matchless workpiece manipulator.

In addition to the main components such as the igm welding robot of the RTE 476 series with K6 robot control, which is mounted on a RST column with rotary cantilever arm, the 25 ton rotary tilting manipulator is the most impressive part of this automation system.

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New demonstration plant at igm headquarters Wiener Neudorf

Since November 2020, the demonstration hall at the igm headquarters has been adorned with a new demonstration system, painted in the new bold standard colours. As with the previous system, the basic configuration is a TLA3 system with a longitudinal-, cross-, and vertical slide. The workpiece periphery with an L-manipulator combined with a tailstock on a motorized floor track is also very similar to the previous robot system. However, from a technical point of view, the new system plays all the pieces and is equipped with all current developments that igm has to offer.

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