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igm-customer and igm-robots: igm service team are welding them together

Our service department is the strongest arm in our team. Because who wants to build the best robot installations in the world must not start it with the second-best team.
Our highly trained and highly reliable service team is available for installation operation training, setting up and start-up of the system at your site, and can be on site quickly, if required.

Bases in all major industrialized countries provide rapid response and after-sales communication in national language. You need a training for the system operation? Please contact: service@igm-group.com

Perfect customer service welds us together

In addition to the setup as well as the start-up of the robot installation, our international service team also takes over programming of workpieces in order to speed up production start. Service organizations in all of the main industrially developed countries ensure quick after-sales services and easy communication in the local language. If a problem with the installation occurs, our staff is on site in best time after immediate support through telephone. This ensures optimal support of customers throughout all phases of a project and after project completion.igm international service telephone: +43 2236 6706 270


igm trains its customers' personnel.

The training centre in Wiener Neudorf and the necessary know-how of all subsidiaries ensure intensive practice in programming, operation and maintenance through basic courses given directly by igm. In addition, training for operation of a specific system is also available at the customer's site, if requested.




Training Programs


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