Application report – Volvo Terex Construction Equipment in Motherwell Scotland


The VCEHL facility based in Motherwell, Scotland was established in 1950. Here the team of experts design, develop, manufacture and fully support two ranges of haulers: Terex Trucks articulated haulers and Volvo rigid haulers.

The igm robot system has been purchased for the welding of the Volvo R100 rigid hauler body with frame along with the Terex Trucks articulated TA300 and TA400 bodies. The R100 hauler model has a loading capacity up to 55 m³ and a maximum of 90.7 tons payload. So, the operating weight differs from 67.5 to 158.2 tons.

The system was delivered to site in August 2020.

The system consists of two K6 RT 496-S robots mounted on two RSH columns with DM rotating axis, which in turn are mounted on two 30,000mm RTS tracks. The system is equipped with TPS600i TWIN power sources and iCAM 100’s.

The manipulation is coming from two RPH 10000 headstocks and two RFBH 10000 tailstocks mounted on 5,000 mm displacement tracks, giving a maximum face plate distance of 10,500 mm and a height stroke of 1,500 mm.

Connected to the two robots are two Kemper filter 3450 units extracting from one end and the centre with overhead fume extraction canopies.

The expected cycle time of the TA300 is 3 hours 16 mins, TA400 being 4 hours. The R100E series is a much larger machine with cycle times of 13 hours for the frame and 17 hours 16 minutes for the body.

All material is Hardox steel, with the Fronius power source TPSi’s welding with twin 1.6 mm SG3 MAG wire, 95/5% gas mix.

The complete system sits in a pit of 34,000 mm x 10,500 mm x 2,000 mm with a 30 ton over head crane. The perimeter safety wall is 2,500 mm high from floor level with two pairs of 10,000 mm concertina doors, fully interlocked with the system safety circuit.