Conference for welding of rail vehicles in Hungary at igm


The Hungarian Railway Vehicle Welding Coordination Committee (HRVWCC) held its meeting of the second half of 2022 at the production plant of igm Robotersysteme AG in Győr (Hungary).

Numerous experts from the Hungarian railway production followed the presentations with great interest and were able to inspect the latest welding robot systems in the factory hall afterwards. The meeting was opened by the President of HRVWCC Mr. István Borhy, then Mr. Martin Merstallinger, CEO of igm, welcomed the experts of the Hungarian railway production.

The company Járműszerelvény Gyártó Zrt. (Manufacturer of Vehicle Assemblies AG) was introduced as a new member of the committee, presenting resistance spot welding of luggage carrier frames made of austenitic stainless steel.

igm's presentation featured numerous successful railway projects of the past decades (robotised welding of bogies, car bodies, chassis, floor plates, engines and subassemblies), from small welding cells to a 203 m long automated bogie production line in China, which was presented in a vivid video with the "Industry 4.0 philosophy".

The President of HRVWCC Mr. István Borhy said that the number of attending professional colleagues confirmed his expectations and according to unanimous opinion, the participants were provided with extremely useful information through the professional lectures and factory tour. The conference has effectively contributed to the expansion of the competence of interested welding professionals and development of the Hungarian rail vehicle production.

Mr. Borhy thanked igm for the successful organisation and invited igm AG to the 7th international conference Join-Trans 2024 "Joining and Building of Railway Vehicles" in Budapest.