Customer reference Hungary - Hungaro Ventilator Kft.


Hungaro Ventilator Kft. was founded in 2005 and mainly produces axial fans for standard temperature and smoke extraction axial fans in F200, F300, F400, F600 versions for building and tunnel ventilation technology. Over 2000 fan systems for fresh air supply and extraction systems are manufactured every year.

The production facility in Sopronkövesd, Hungary, was equipped with 2 igm welding robot systems in spring 2020, the two robots thus support the automated welding work of the running wheels and reduce the production time enormously.

Technical details of the igm systems:

2 welding stations, each equipped with an igm robot of type RTE 456-S mounted on RST columns with rotary cantilever arms. The fan components are picked up on compact RP2 / 500 rotary tilting tables and welded by using the MIG / MAG process of the Fronius TPS 500i power source, the load capacity of the manipulators is 500 kg