igm 25 ton rotary tilting turn table - the powerful manipulator for large parts


At the beginning of February 2021, igm Robotersysteme AG delivered a unique robot system, the special feature about this system is the matchless workpiece manipulator.

In addition to the main components such as the igm welding robot of the RTE 476 series with K6 robot control, which is mounted on a RST column with rotary cantilever arm, the 25 ton rotary tilting manipulator is the most impressive part of this automation system.


The rotation / tilting device of the RP2 series is used to manipulate the workpieces in two independent axes of rotation. In this version with a load capacity of 25 t, the turning center height is 2,300 mm. This enables a fixture to be accommodated for cylindrical workpieces with an inner diameter of 1,000 mm to 4,400 mm and tilting them from 0 to 90 °. The centering is done on the inside with 8 bolts, the fixation on the outside manually.

The drive is axis-controlled by 2 AC servo motors with special gears and built-in digital position sensors. The rotating device is designed for use as an external robot axis. The workpiece movement is fully integrated into the robot control and thus enables synchronous workpiece movement during the welding process.

Particular attention was paid to operator safety. In order to clamp the workpiece in a horizontal faceplate position, you have to climb onto a platform with a height of 3.5 m. Radar monitoring of the platform ensures that the system does not move as long as there is a person in the danger area.

Technical features

  • Payload: 25,000 kg
  • Center of rotation height: 2,300 mm
  • Tilt range: 90°
  • Complete integration into the robot controller