Workpieces up to 2 m long and 500 kg are processed on a compact igm robot system with Tandem high-performance welding. The 2-station operation ensures a continuous work flow.

The compact igm robot system essentially consists of a central, fixed robot and 2 turning devices that are mounted as a double support on the turning module. Each of these turning devices can pick up components weighing up to 500 kg. The turning device height of 1,100 mm allows a component length of approx. 2 m to enable complete turning. The station change takes place within 6 s.

Depending on the required working area and accessibility of the components, igm robot types with different reach and with 6 or 7 axes can be used. The welding technology includes standard MIG/MAG as well as Tandem processes. The wire barrels are arranged outside the safety fence, push-pull wire feeders ensure safe wire feeding.

The arrangement of the components allows the realisation of a complete cell on a floor space from 20 - 30 m², depending on the access protection used and the supply or removal or the intermediate storage of the parts.