igm Service Korea move to new office in ChangWon, South Korea


On Oct. 26th, 2018 the opening ceremony with employees and customers took place for the purpose of the new office which has been opened up by igm Service Korea Co. Ltd. Placed in the middle of the largest industry complex in Changwon, new project possibilities on the Korean market are made accessible.

With a total area of more than 290m², office rooms, a meeting room, an electrical laboratory & repair shop and an igm warehouse has been setup.

Additional a training and test centre with an igm robot RTE456 on the rotary C-frame RST with a manipulator RP2 have been implemented at the new igm service support location in South Korea, to provide in-house training and demo welding for Korean customers. 

Since 1991, igm has been serving the Korean market by an own organisation, dedicated to sales and service support. Having igm robot systems in South Korea running since 1992 until today, speaks for the experienced service team of igm Service Korea Co. Ltd.

igm Service Korea Co. Ltd. thanks all involved persons for their support and is looking forward to a further on successful cooperation with partners and customers.