igm test series: Additive welding (WAAM - Wire-and-Arc-Additive-Manufacturing)


igm Robotersysteme AG successfully carried out welding tests for additive welding.

Example “screw conveyor” for production machines: usually the screw parts are poured and then milled, due to the large number of screw sizes, many different individual molds are required for production, for which a more cost-effective production variant has now been tested: additive welding of the screw parts

For the trial welding, the igm welding robot system was equipped with a Fronius CMT welding power source in order to keep the heat input for the welding process as low as possible. By using a sensor-guided seam tracking method, approximately 50 layers were applied to the specified welding pattern.

Robot programming is reduced to a minimum by a specially developed software tool. Only the starting point is given and with help of the igm iSCRIPT application (iSCRIPT – programming language for solving the most complex tasks) the control automatically calculates the welding positions and number of layers based on freely selectable contour specifications. The igm robot control enables a dynamic program sequence, the fully integrated sensor determines the required power and position and thus the contours to be applied are automatically adjusted according to the height.

iSCRIPT – easy programming

iSCRIPT is an integration of the Lua script language into the K6 robot control software. It provides full access to all functionalities of the standard Lua engine and adds interfaces to modify step programs, access in/outputs on the bus and control the machines state.

Lua is an extension programming language designed to support general procedural programming with data description facilities. It also offers good support for object-oriented programming, functional programming, and data-driven programming.

As a result of the successful test welding, igm Robotersysteme AG starts to develop a system concept for the automated additive manufacturing of the screw components.