Robotic Welding of Fodder Mixing Systems at B. Strautmann & Söhne GmbH u. Co. KG


Company B. Strautmann & Söhne GmbH u. Co. KG is an agricultural machine manufacturer offering a wide range of machinery for cattle feeding, green fodder harvesting, universal spreader and transport technology.

Strautmann is located in Bad Laer, Lower Saxony (Germany), and has a modern plant at the second production site in Lwówek (Poland), manufacturing mixing augers and dosing drums.

The robot system for the mixing bodies (up to 40 m³), commissioned to the German plant a few weeks ago, comprises a 31m-floor track with RSH, covering 3 working stations with 2 RWM2/7000 and one empty station. The free swing radius amounts to 2.200 mm, large enough to pick-up the mixer bodies and to rotate and tilt them even into hanging overhead position. In case of increased production requirements, the 3rd station can easily be upgraded with a further RMW2.

The manufacturing site in Poland is equipped with a compact welding installation RRMK for producing the mixing augers, already commissioned in 2018.

Since 2015 Strautmann Gépgyártó Hungária Kft. is also producing in Mátranovák, using our robots. One 9m-RTS with RSH and 2 x RWM2/2000, one compact system RSX and one RST with RP/RF 500 and RWM2/2000 are welding tipping trailers among others.