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Robotic spot welding system for large workpieces


Conventional robotic spot-welding like it is widely used in the automotive industry has never been the domain of igm. But when it comes to large-scale workpieces, like railway components, a wide, robust welding robot system is required, which has been one of igm´s core competence since the very first days more than 50 years ago.

In the past 30 years, igm has been continuously developing and supplying turn key large-scale spot-welding systems, using C-guns, single spot welder or twin spot welding equipment. The use of medium frequency transformers at 1000Hz is combining high power density with compact dimensions and low weight.

The argon shield device and special designed cups allow shielding after the spot welding is completed, reducing annealing colours at the nugget area after the spot is welded.

A handling robot travelling on a large-scale portal gantry allow maximum manoeuvrability and accessibility, handling up to three different spot welding C-guns travelling along with the portal gantry with a gun weight of up to 500kg and an outstanding clear opening of 2m to dive into the workpiece.

Depending on the required number of workstations, igm can provide robotic spot welding gantry systems up more than 300m of travel lengths.

What makes an igm robotic spot welding gantry system unique, are the igm laser sensors at the spot welding gun, which automatically detect the workpiece joint location. Before welding of a workpiece, this igm snap shot laser camera detects the joint within 2 seconds and without touching the workpiece and shifts the program accordingly.


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