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Sandvik’s positive experience with igm iCAM on their welding robots

Sandvik’s positive experience with igm iCAM on their welding robots

The igm iCAM exposed to be the perfect upgrade for the varying welding joints of heavy steel plates at Sandvik in Turku. Just half a year later, the investment in the camera on the robot had paid back, and with the decrease of the program time by 26% it proved to have released additional capacity in production.

Sandvik in Turku is a manufacturer of heavy-duty vehicles for mining, where a lot of heavy welding on parts like buckets and rear and front frames is necessary. The company has been using welding robots from igm in this part of its production for several years.

"When igm suggested that their latest robot be equipped with a camera, we thought this technology could be risky in our environment of twin welding. So we hesitated with the decision”, says Matti Malo, one of the employees responsible for robot projects at Sandvik in Turku.

 "We did not buy the camera at the same time as the robot, because we had heard from a Finnish university that camera welding had not worked optimally with some Finnish companies that had already tested this method” Mr. Malo continues.

“Nevertheless, it turned out that the solution with camera-controlled robot welding by igm was successful in Sandvik Turku. Both economically and technically, this solution ended up being the right one, "says Matti Malo. The thick-plate seam preparation has variations that give over +/- 10% area variation along the weld joint. In addition, variations in the bends contribute to further deviations that the welding robot must be able to handle.

Saving of material and time

“In addition, the camera makes sure that we do not need to secure the groove tolerances with additional volume. This way we save 10 percent of the filler material and of course also welding time. We are quite pleased with this latest robot installation”, Matti Malo states, adding that they were offered offers from their previous robot cell supplier. “But it turned out that the alternative solution from igm was to be the best. And as we saw that the robot significantly improved performance, we will undoubtedly continue investing in several similar igm robotic cells”, Matti Malo pointed out. 

Article by Peter Bergqvist, originally in the Swedish paper: Verkstäderna


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