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The igm Grinding Robot

The igm Grinding Robot

People who know about metal grinding are often aware of this phenomenon: Even with high salaries, the fluctuation of personnel in grinding positions is always high, compared to other operations; poor working conditions and high labor intensity are the major causes of the shortage of workers in the grinding industry.

With the improvement of education and the acceleration of the process of industrialization, the employment problem will be the biggest problem that restricts the grinding industry.

The traditional grinding operations rely on manual grinding. In addition to labor problems, there are also problems such as low work efficiency, high production costs, and subjective factors that affect the quality of the products. Therefore, the grinding industry urgently needs a kind of automatic grinding for better grinding quality.

Objectively controllable equipment:

In order to solve these problems, igm has developed an automatic grinding robot. Based on the experience of the previously delivered grinding robot systems, the grinding performance is three to four times higher than manual grinding, depending on the work piece situation. It adopts a large-load robot and is equipped with a synchronous turning positioner, which can automatically grind large grinding points in a large space, and can also quantify complex workpieces with precise robot control. This automatic grinding method effectively solves the defects of traditional grinding and is an inevitable trend in the development of the grinding industry.

Although there currently is robot-controlled automatic grinding equipment on the market, generally distance control methods are used. In this type of control method, the robot pre-defines the grinding travel distance, and the amount of grinding is controlled by feedback of the robot's travel data. However, due to the irregular deformation of the workpiece itself, there is a certain error, so the distance control can not achieve accurate quantitative grinding. In terms of grinding control, the igm grinding robot is equipped with an special sensor to ensure that the electrical grinding spindle has a compliant force control function to ensure that the grinding tool and the machined surface are always constant during the grinding process. At the same time, it can play an automatic compensation for wear of abrasive belts and is suitable for grinding of various complex surfaces. The igm grinding robot can be equipped with different specifications of grinding tools and calibration reference tools. For the grinding of large long straight welds, the large sanding capacity of large tools can be used to complete most of the sanding in a relatively short period of time. The more complex smaller curved welds can be completed with the flexibility of small tools. The calibration reference tool can accurately calculate and compensate the offset of the workpiece and tool by the sensor, which not only avoids the impact of hardware deviation on the quality of the grinding, but also eliminates the time required for manual calibration.

In terms of user programming, the automatic grinding robot can use igm mature off-line programming methods to simulate the most reasonable robot running path, grinding path and grinding amount in the off-line software. At the same time, it also avoids the potential safety hazards of equipment and personnel programming on-site.

The grinding robot can be controlled by the logistics control system which achieve automatic loading and unloading in igm's latest industrial 4.0 standard automatic production line i4i. Automatic grinding and alarm information can displayed via statistics, so that the grinding equipment can be a fully automatic operation, a great liberated Manpower, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.


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