Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland

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igm Nordic AB       
Skepparegatan 14
53130 Lidköping
T    +46 (510) 48 88 80
E    info@igmnordic.se [mailto:info@igmnordic.se]
W   www.igmnordic.se [http://www.igmnordic.se]

Welcome to igm in the Nordic countries!


We have our branch office in Lidköping, Sweden. Welcome to discuss new welding robots, service on Your igm or for educations or test weldings. We have just installed a new igm RTi 456 with iCAM and Fronius TWIN system with a large 2 axis manipulator. Welcome to Lidköping for test welding and to get to know igm better!
igm Nordic has branch office in Lidköping to serve the Nordic market. Welcome to contact us for discussing new robots, education in programming of igm robots or for service matters.

Contact us: +46 510488880 or info@igmnordic.se [mailto:info@igmnordic.se]

Contact persons:

  • Spare parts and shipments: +46 510488881, pia.gandvik@igmnordic.se [mailto:pia.gandvik@igmnordic.se]
  • Service matters: +46 510488886, erik.palmqvist@igmnordic.se [mailto:erik.palmqvist@igmnordic.se]
  • Sales: +46 510488883 peder.edholm@igmnordic.se [mailto:peder.edholm@igmnordic.se]

demo installation

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