Robot Series RTE 400

More than 40 years experience in the development of welding robots and planning of production plants appear in a extensive range of system modules. The main module is the igm robot series RTE 400.

Benefits, typical for igm robots:

  • Outstanding programming techniques with both the K6 programming teach pendant and the offline teaching system.
  • Large work zone and perfect welding access to seam positions due to an optimal axes geometry and mounting of the welding torch in the wrist axis, implemented as a hollow shaft.
  • All cables are inside the robot arms using hollow shafts.

The particular features of the RTE 400 modular robot system are the extremely slim robotic arms, optimized for weight and rigidity. For axes 2 and 4 there are available different lengths, the right range of movement can be selected for any application.

The highly dynamic, maintenance-free AC servo motors and outstanding characteristics of the joint construction of rigid cast aluminium guarantee a high rotational speed and quick acceleration on all axes. The motors are equipped with holding brakes, there is no need for calibration after turning the robot off. The drive forces are transmitted by maintenance-free Cyclo gearboxes. Their use permits not only rapid positioning and high-precision path accuracy, but also keeps the number of parts used – and thus the number of replacement parts needed – low.

Arc welding in high precision

The robots are designed specifically for arc welding: one unique feature is that all the media needed for welding are directed first through the main axis and then through the hollow shaft into the wrist axis, allowing the welding torch to complete two full turns. The result is a significant advantage in terms of accessibility to tight work pieces and in circular seams.

Perfection of arc means that the robots are working with 6, 7 or 8 rotary axis in a solid aluminium cast construction, mounted either upright or in suspended position.

Axis arrangement

Not only the drive media of the robot run through axis 1 in the RTE robot system, but also the welding media such as the cooling hoses, gas hoses, cable conduit hoses and water cooled cable for the welding current connection, as well as the control cable for the wire feed.

To keep the robot and the welding equipment slim at the base, the wire feed is integrated into axis 1 and protected from environmental influences with a cover.

An additional axis is provided for any application that requires a special range of motion – the rotating base. This is entirely integrated into the kinematic chain of the robot control system and, together with axis 1, permits an enormously expanded sphere of motion. The maximum work zone radius of 5200 mm can be extended as needed with the external rotation and linear axes.

RTE 400 – Robot types:

  • 6-axes-welding robot, RTE 456, 476, 496
  • 7-axes-welding robot, RTE 477, 497
  • 7-axes-welding robot, RTE 459, 479, 499
  • 8-axes-welding robot, RTE 478, 498

Multipurpose igm robots

Welding, cutting, bevelling and more – multitasking by igm.

igm robots can do everything: Beside of welding they are also able to cut, bevel, move, pre-heat and more. In this case only the tools need to be exchanged. A real multitasking robot!

Examples for multipurpose-application

  • igm robot pick and place welding assembling
  • igm smart fabrication