Fabtech Atlanta 2018


Fabtech 2018, the largest welding and cutting exhibition in the United States, was held November 6 through 8 at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. igm showed its 8-axes robot on a rotating column with two integrated L-Arms. To demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of igm’s 8-axes robot with rotating arm and rotating base, the work piece displayed was a Plexiglas box, which the robot would enter through a small opening and simulate inside welding using the laser camera for seam tracking.

Another big attraction was our bevel plate nicknamed “Picasso” which was created using igm’s beveling system “ibs”.

The exhibition was crowded and igm Robotic Systems, as well as their sister companies PTR and Astro Arc Polysoude, could register visitors from long-term customers and companies searching for welding automation. The many leads were contacted and new business is expected to be generated shortly, making this exhibition successful.