igm welding robot at Liebherr's plant Nenzing in Austria


Digitalization and automation are moving forward also in production. After the process test and component programming were completed, the new igm welding robot system is in full operation since January 2020.


  • Robot: RTE 496-S
  • Manipulators: 2x 10 tons
  • Length of the system: 20 m
  • Operation: tandem operation / two shifts
  • Components: upper carriage and sliding bars

The system is state-of-the-art. Offline programming keeps the robot system free for production. The camera system, the tandem torch and an automatic wire change ensure the necessary precision and perfection.

After just one year, an extremely positive conclusion can be drawn. The system is working to full capacity. On average you are around 35% faster than with manual welding. The manufacturing costs of the manufactured components can therefore be reduced by approx. 20%.

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