igm bevelling machine iBS

Sensor-controlled bevelling system for automated welding seam preparation with plane steel plates. The stable portal construction including application-oriented design of the cutter head supports all types of upper side or bottom side cuts with sensor-controlled edge tracking.

A laser camera measures the workpiece position and tracks the edges, ensuring requested base heights with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 mm even with heat distortion. The system processes the required bevels, which are defined by simply clicking and indicating the geometry parameters in a CAD drawing of the component, with the specially developed software.

Sensor supported systems can be provided with the igm ibs plasma cutting machine which are optimized for all mechanical and control requirements for chamfering flat sheet metal. This special characteristic was made possible by the development of a parallelogram-like cutting head on which the cutting torches, movable in two axes, are mounted. This unit is fitted onto a stable gantry, which is movable in a longitudinal direction and has in addition a cross slide and a vertical slide to accept the parallelogram. The special design of the cutting head allows chamfering of flat sheet metal with any and also alterable, chamfer angles on straight or curved cuts.

Automatic sheet thickness measurement

A highly accurate seam joint preparation while maintaining a specified web height or a specified seam volume requires not only the exact tracking of the cutting torch along the contour but also the exact detection of the sheet thickness. For this purpose, the igm bevelling machine can be equipped with an automatic sheet thickness measurement.