igm welding torches and torch exchange system

The welding torches are designed for use on robots for high-performance welding under harsh conditions. The slim design, together with the swan’s neck shape, permits the best accessibility even in narrow parts of the work piece. All welding torches provided as standard for igm robots have a particularly stable design with intensive water cooling and a quick-release coupling. They are also configured for pneumatic torch cleaning with compressed air at least 7 bar and for the use of the gas nozzle as a tactile sensor for program shifts.

The arrangement of the contact tube in connection with the torch curvature ensures the forced contact of the welding wire. This ensures a uniform and constant current transition to the wire electrode under all conditions and wear conditions.

Direct water cooling of the gas nozzle reduces the adhesion of weld spatter. The cooling water is routed through its own channels in the torch body up to the contact pipe, and from there through the nozzle stock to the gas nozzle.

igm torch exchange system

By means of this torch exchange systems the robot can automatically be equipped with torches of various geometries. This functionality is program controlled and can be applied wherever appropriate and needed. The torches to be used can be of different length or special shape, designed for better accessibility to narrow areas.

In any case the welding media are lead through the hollow shaft in the robot’s wrist joint offering the large working envelope and the outstanding performance of the robot when welding in narrow spaces of the work piece. The exchange system is designed in such a way, that the torch will be decoupled from the hose package.

The exchange system is designed to seperate the welding torch completely from all media of the hose package.

The torch magazine is mounted stationary on a stand or on a pillar. A variety of torches can be exchanged, whereby also switching between tandem and single-wire process is possible.