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Welding of BULLDOZER rear frames with igm welding robot

Liugong Dressta Machinery sp. z o.o. has a rich heritage and has grown to become a global manufacturer of heavy construction equipment, renowned for engineering durable, powerful machines for the toughest applications – from mining or landfill dozers, to oil and gas pipelayers. 

All the machinery is produced in the factory in Stalowa Wola, Poland – a town literally translated as ‘Will of Steel’ and it refers to the "steel", that is, the steadfast will, the invincible spirit of the builders of the plant and the city.

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igm presented high performance robotic welding technology for construction machinery industry in China

In July 2020, the China Construction Machinery Welding Technology Summit Forum was held in the city of Xuzhou, China. igm was invited to hold a presentation on “Robotic High Performance Welding in Construction Machinery” at the forum.

With 170,000 excavators sold in China from January to June 2020 (despite the influence of COVID-19), China again manifests the no. 1 market position for yellow goods worldwide.

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igm test series: Additive welding (WAAM - Wire-and-Arc-Additive-Manufacturing)

igm Robotersysteme AG successfully carried out welding tests for additive welding.

Example “screw conveyor” for production machines: usually the screw parts are poured and then milled, due to the large number of screw sizes, many different individual molds are required for production, for which a more cost-effective production variant has now been tested: additive welding of the screw parts

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Project description Pöttinger Landtechnik - welding of rotary arms for tedder

Pöttinger Landtechnik GmbH is one of the leading agricultural engineering products manufacturers in Europe. The family company is based in Grieskirchen, Upper Austria. The product range extends from mowers to self-loading wagons, presses and choppers to various types of soil cultivation equipment, including rotary tedders. The last supplied igm welding robot system welds the components of the tedders, the system is composed as follows:

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A robot named "Katrin"

The newest colleague at our customer Schachtbau Nordhausen (DE) was baptized "Katrin", the igm welding robot system of the type RTE 478-S, combined with 2 L manipulators RWM2-2000A to increase the productivity and quality of complex component production. Only small modules could be welded fully automatically so far, but now parts up to two meters length and up to two tons can be welded in the 10x10 meter robot cell. That is not the last step in Schachtbau-Nordhausen´s automation concept: solid plans for Industry 4.0 - ideas for a 35-meter robot portal for parts up to 12 meters length with a maximum weight of 15 tons are coming up, so we are looking forward to start the offer preparation!

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Multipurpose igm Robots

Welding, cutting, bevelling and more – multitasking by igm.

igm robots can do everything: Beside of welding they are also able to cut, bevel, move, pre-heat and more. In this case only the tools need to be exchanged. A real multitasking robot!

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Compact igm welding robot systems

The igm compact systems are optimized for arc welding applications in all mechanical aspects as well as the control hardware and software. In this combination of work piece and robot peripherals, the entire system is kept compact, since the robot changes workstations simply by pivoting the rotary arm or - in other configurations - the work station is performed by a rotary table.

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igm welding robots for various applications

igm also offers appropriate solutions for unusual applications. Regardless of whether you want to automate production of aluminum ladders, look for an economic way to weld boilers, manufacture garbage containers, construct bridges or cable cars, are involved in air-conditioning technology or want to teach your students - we can offer the appropriate type of equipment for every application!

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Earthmoving with igm welding robots

Our installations for the manufacture of excavating machines consist of stand-alone machines or complete production lines with multiple welding cells and systems for automatic loading and unloading. Welding requirements are often demanding due to extreme material thickness, however, our robots are able to cope with position tolerances, seam displacements and welding distortions by means of laser camera systems which allow extremely accurate welding.

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igm robots weld dumper truck bodies at Bell Equipment Germany

Bell Equipment Germany was founded in 2000 as the third European branch of the South African construction equipment manufacturer Bell Equipment. The Bell dumper truck plant was completely rebuilt on almost 10 hectares of total area, with a production area of around 16,000 m², and it is designed for flexible production of all current vehicle sizes.

The components are dumpers of the articulated dumper trucks with a loading volume of 18 t to 46 t and in the future up to 60 t. The production takes place in two steps: First, the subassemblies (rear and end walls) are manufactured in the smaller igm welding robot cell, then - after manual tacking - the complete dumper is welded in the large igm welding robot station.

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